Our Focus

Our Team is committed to helping clients achieve the proper mix of diversification, speed, access and cost to the payments industry. Our Experienced Professionals guide you through every step of the process; which banks to use; which software & gateway; what payments to accept; always working toward your best interest.
Merchant Accounts
Merchant Accounts

Process payments by accepting major credit and debit cards and watch your sales grow.

Software Tools
Software Tools

Utilize our revolutionary suite of powerful and easy-to-use e-commerce business tools.

Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Leverage our experience to lower costs, increase sales, manage fraud and increase diversification.


Build a better business and create a stronger brand with Payze.

The foundation of the Payze Experience allows you to focus your energy and ideas on product development, brand strategy, and website design while we take care of the rest. Building a business has enough hurdles, let Payze clear the way for you to reach success in stride.


Easily accept payments through a trusted and diverse network of financial systems and unlock a worldly business experience for your company.

Accommodating international customers will come as easy as catering to locals. Whether it’s credit cards, bank accounts or mobile payments, we have you covered. Our array of banking and payment partners, along with our software and acceptance capabilities will help you reach more consumers and collect revenue quicker and more efficiently than ever.


Use our marketing, affilate, and software tools to aid you through your busy day.

The Payze experience can help you find time to focus on growing and creating more business. Our easy to use software is integrated with industry leading marketing systems and payment solutions, thus saving you countless time, effort, and business hours. Combine the payment and software solutions with our expertise and watch your business soar to new heights.


Imagine a future where you know your processing and software partners wake up every morning asking, “How can we make our clients more money today?”

That is our goal and your future when you join the Payze Experience. Our team knows it Payze to have a vision, and we strive to exceed your expectations every day.

  • Creative Solutions
  • Project Management

Merchant Accounts


Experience Service

Because we treat every client like a million dollar account, we will work to ensure that you can accept every form of payment from consumers around the globe. From credit cards to debit cards to ACH/E-Check and Euro Debit networks, we will help keep your business moving in the right direction.

Working with a worldwide network of reputable financial institutions, banking partners, and software providers, our team will find the perfect merchant account to fit your unique business needs. Over the years we have developed relationships with the best and most trusted banks having proven records of commitment to our industry and the world of e-commerce. We’ll go the extra mile to give you the type of service you deserve.

We understand that revenue growth matters, and we will help you reach your maximum potential with secure, trusted, and diverse solutions. It Payze to receive the service you deserve.


Experience Savings

Leverage our purchasing power to experience savings. Working with an array of banks and industry insiders for years allows us to provide aggressive pricing and diverse solutions. To ensure you’re getting the most value and service for your dollar, we utilize the partnerships we’ve established to create the Payze global approach that caters to your unique needs.

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when dealing directly with banks and merchant accounts. At Payze, we strive to implement solutions so you can receive your funds quickly, be more profitable, and lower your overhead while eliminating typical merchant account hassles. Our experienced team will help you decipher your costs and improve your bottom line.

Our experience also helps you save time. Use that extra time to focus on your core business goals and improve efficiencies. Leave the heavy lifting to us, it Payze to save.


Experience Security

The Payze team is comprised of experienced professionals who have earned the respect of their peers and banks in the industry. We’ll build an environment of confidence that you can count on.

We have created a wise and trusted network of banks and partners to ensure our clients are always paid on time, every time. Take control of your financial future and experience the value of reliability. Keep multiple hands off of your money to keep your company productive, efficient, and profitable.

Let our experienced team handle card security. Utilize the full suite of Payze solutions and never worry about card data security rules and regulations. Our team of technical experts have been building industry leading payment systems for over 10 years, and understand the importance of keeping your information compliant. Our group takes care of safety before anything else. It Payze to experience security.


Experience Diversity

Our knowledge of the banking industry has allowed us to create an extensive, yet simple to use software platform centralizing all of your processing solutions. By utilizing a worldwide network of banks and financial institutions, your business will have a solution for every customer without fail.

Our many years of banking and processing experience have allowed us to create diversity that works for our clients. With Payze, you’ll benefit from multiple banking options, multiple software packages, and multiple reporting options. All of this diversity creates a happier and more profitable business for you.

Prioritize which financial institution you feel comfortable with, own the power to switch banks at any given point, and enjoy the value of flexibility. It Payze to be diverse.


Experience Solutions

Evolving to keep up with the ongoing pace of technology is a core value we live by. It’s the reason we’re here today, and it’s the reason we’ll always be able to find a solution for your business needs.

Whether it’s a hard-to-place account, new startup business, or a successful enterprise looking to diversify banking options, let Payze step in and provide the solutions you need. Payze has a proven track record of successfully placing even the most difficult merchant accounts.

Online businesses are always evolving, so evolve with us and stay up to date with emerging market trends and payment solutions. It Payze to experience solutions that are ahead of the curve.



Experience Throughput

It’s a new era and a new time – time for a processing company to focus on your sales. The Payze system puts intelligent tools in place so that you can achieve higher throughput and acquire more revenue. Our system is designed to find reasons to accept sales, not block them.

While keeping fraud prevention and brand safety a priority, our software utilizes state of the art technologies and business knowledge to improve your top line. Logical and segregated rules for initial sales, rebills, token sales, or free trials are all designed with the dual theory of throughput maximization and fraud prevention. We leave the scrubbing to the scrubs.

As a result, you’ll find it easy to make optimal business decisions while exercising total control. Our platform runs on proven rule sets designed by the most experienced financial analysts to maximize your online sales. It Payze to experience throughput.


Experience Retention

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of a successful business. We know how hard you work to acquire consumers, and we will work twice as hard to help you keep them. Payze was built with industry leading save-a-sale techniques designed around intelligent response rule systems so that canceling a membership becomes a last resort.

Our staff is equipped with in-depth expertise and will exhaust every effort to help keep your customers happy, loyal and profitable utilizing strategies at your discretion ranging from loyalty discounts to month-free memberships.

Take control of your customer service through our unique one-click CSR tools and maximize your brand recognition. Payze will help you achieve all of this and more in a unified brand experience that will capture and engage customers to ensure satisfaction. Our attention to your retention Payze.


Experience Functionality

Using a single processing platform to build your e-commerce business was nearly impossible – until Payze hit the market. We’re here to prove that you can have your cake and eat it too by working with you to control and customize every aspect of the consumer experience. Imagine being able to manage customer service issues, rebills, the creation of upsells, instant upgrades and free trials from one single, unified interface.

That’s just what Payze is all about. We’ve built our system with simplicity in mind and loaded it with rich, cutting-edge features. We’ve cleaned up the complicated technical mess other companies have left behind so that all you’re left with is an easy to use interface that allows you to accomplish all of your tasks with minimal effort.

If you’re already using NATS, Payze will sync with it automatically. After your initial sign up, you’ll never have to save anything again – all of your information will be accessible across both Payze and NATS including tours, sites and join options – no matter how many banks you’re using with us. With Payze, you can do it all in one secure place. It Payze to experience our functionality.


Experience Accuracy

To make the right business decisions you need to understand your business and how it’s operating every step of the way. By focusing on our fundamental concerns of transparency and clarity, we will support you in doing just that.

Our business intelligence tools and reporting are designed to keep you in the know at all times. Access real time information related to approved and failed transactions, tracked fees and detailed explanations of all your activity. We’ll pinpoint where sales are coming from, who they were made by, what they were, exactly when they occurred and most importantly, why they occurred.

From the moment a customer initiates a transaction to the instant it hits your bank account, it Payze to be accurate.


Experience Reporting

Forget logging into multiple sources to run your business. Built upon our integrated NATS software, Payze places all the detailed reporting you need at your fingertips. Leading the way in business analytics, our platform can produce everything from customized reporting for fraud management to customer service history on demand.

The beauty of using Payze is the ability to design your own reporting to fit your business and niche precisely. Save, edit and retrieve specific data using the system. Our software will let you explore the who, what, when, where and why of processing to make the most sound business decisions.

Our experienced team will help you gain new insight to your processing, allowing your brand to reach new heights. The creativity and flexibility created when Payze and NATS work together they allow you to collect data and identify trends to better your business quickly and efficiently. It Payze to experience our reporting.



Experience Alliances

Payze can give you the best of all worlds by offering software partners, financial institutions and reporting systems comprised of the most honest and trustworthy groups we’ve met over the last 15 years. Staffed with actual CPAs, trained financial experts, and experienced analysts, our team knows the common errors, common fraud, and common information that often gets overlooked. That is what makes Payze uncommon.

You can rest assured our analysts will manage and review your gateway, PSP, ISO, bank and other backend reporting even when you don’t utilize the all-inclusive Payze suite of solutions.

Let us review your business processes and bookkeeping consulting with the knowledge that you’re in the best possible hands. Our experience will ensure you never miss a thing. Accountability Payze for itself.


Experience Accountability

Leverage our purchasing power to experience savings. Working with an array of banks and industry insiders for years allows us to provide aggressive pricing and diverse solutions. To ensure you’re getting the most value and service for your dollar, we utilize the partnerships we’ve established to create the Payze global approach that caters to your unique needs.

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when dealing directly with banks and merchant accounts. At Payze, we strive to implement solutions so you can receive your funds quickly, be more profitable, and lower your overhead while eliminating typical merchant account hassles. Our experienced team will help you decipher your costs and improve your bottom line.

Our experience also helps you save time. Use that extra time to focus on your core business goals and improve efficiencies. Leave the heavy lifting to us, it Payze to save.


Experience Insight

The first step in moving your business forward is having great ideas and inspiration, and Payze can help you attain both. Our company is filled with industry vets who focus on best practices, which include the constant flow of relevant and actionable ideas. Regardless of your level of expertise, the Payze team can guide you through the entire business process. We’ll lend our insight and intelligence to help you understand the difference between an ISO and agent, US consumer versus international consumer purchasing habits, or any other payment industry related item that can help you better your business and be more profitable.

Utilizing years of relationships and friendships, we are more than happy to provide general advice and solutions for your business while making the introductions you need to grow.

We succeed only when you succeed. It Payze to be insightful.


Experience Tailoring

Nothing compares to a suit or dress that’s been tailored to fit you. Why settle for anything less when it comes to your business and the payments industry? Our experts will cater to your business needs and tailor our advice and solutions to your unique business.

Because one size does not fit all when it comes to solutions, the Payze team strives to be more than just your payment advisor – we hope to be your business consultant, mentor, coach, and partner in every respect. To maximize your success, our approach makes your goals our priority.

Our relationships stretch far and wide with banks, ISOs and PSPs so that whether you’re ready to launch a website, looking to grow your business, or searching for increased traffic, we’ll offer sound advice and provide the most flexible solutions. With a trust in payment history unsurpassed, Payze will have your business tailored by experts.


Experience Life

The Payze team knows that success takes hard work, diligence, and focus. We are here to help you every step of the way whether it’s with payments, software solutions, or advisory services, our team not only wants you to succeed but also have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We have designed our system, partnerships, and business to multiply your efficiencies by handling and managing the multitude of mundane daily tasks for you so you can focus on your site, product, service, and brand strategies. Our wealth of experience has given us the opportunity to steer you in the right direction that will result in better and simplified solutions for you and your business.

Build your business. Sell more. Work Less. It Payze to experience life.


We’re the Processing, Domain & Finance Gurus.

  • Joel Paulin
    Joel Paulin

    Joel, former COO and CFO of CCBill©, LLC, brings 20 years of financial and managerial leadership to the team. His diverse financial experience from nursing homes and wholesale grocers to construction and home development, combined with built up trust with banking partners, staff and clients is just the icing on the cake. If you really want to see Joel get fired up just talk basketball, Bulls or Chicago sports.

  • Douglas Wicks
    Douglas Wicks, Ph. D.

    Douglas Wicks, Ph. D. (formerly VP of Sales for CCBill©, LLC, also known as Dr. Wicks to those who know and love him) recently acquired a stake in Payze and is excited about leading the organization into the future. If you’re looking for fine wine and a good stogie, locate the Doctor at any event and you will not leave disappointed.

  • Hank Freeman
    Hank Freeman

    Hank brings 17 years of e-commerce experience managing the most respected and longest tenured AVS, as well as being an early pioneer in the domain name market. Known as the “quiet guy in the hat,” Hank has let his success speak for itself. Having once rolled a perfect 300 game, Hank comes out of his shell if you talk anything competitive, especially sports or his beloved Yankees.

The Future of Payment Proccessing is Here!

Building and operating an online processing company requires a diversity of talent – and with over 40 years of combined experience in payment processing, website management, domain acquisition, and financial and operational control, our executive team is the definition of diversity.

The Story Behind Payze.

45Years of Experience Combined
3Trusted and Respected Leaders
Endless Opportunities

Crystal Clear

Between "profits over people" billing companies, prohibitive software that caters to only half of your needs and a myriad of abbreviations and payments systems, we felt something had to be done.

Trusted Minds

Trusted Minds

Bringing together the most respected and trusted minds, we joined forces to help you take control of your business and merchant accounts.


Triple Threat

We felt we were a triple threat to the industry because of what we knew, who we have worked with and what we were building. Each of our individual backgrounds combined together afforded us a respect and trust that no other company could claim — and we didn't take that luxury lightly.


Unleash Power

After years of developing relationships in the banking, software and payment industries to create seamless flexible and custom processing solutions, we felt it was time to unleash the power of our experience.


At Your Service

Our services are always open and our team is always ready to direct new and potential clients in the proper direction to reach their higher goals.

Our Team

Check our awesome team memebers who always work hard to provide quality service.
Joel Paulin
Joel Paulin
Douglas Wicks
Douglas Wicks, Ph.D.
Hank Freeman
Hank Freeman
Chris Rodger
Chris Rodger
Sales Manager
Kevin Butler
Kevin Butler
Bob Dykeman
Bob Dykeman
VP of Operations
Scott Delatush
Scott Delatush
Web Developer


Our Most Recent Public Announcements

Payze Implements Loyalty Discount Feature

Morganville, New Jersey • Thursday, January 9, 2014

Payment solutions company Payze.com is excited to announce a new feature to its robust billing system, Loyalty Discounts.

Loyalty Discounts allow clients to apply flat or percentage reductions to their paid memberships sites at the click of a button. Single or multiple discounts can seamlessly be applied one time or for months to come, and can efficiently be saved to other join options.

“With loyalty discounts you no longer have to fuss with an overload of tedious forms – our system is a cinch compared to other programs,” says CEO Doug Wicks. “Each discount you apply can be viewed on a calculator built right in, there’s no need to keep track of anything on your own. Our focus is to help clients increase customer retention; we want you to be able to accomplish simple tasks in a fast and easy way.”

For sales or product information, contact chris@Payze.com.

Chris Rodger Joins Payze.com As Director Of Sales

Morganville, New Jersey • Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chris Rodger has been added to the Payze team as Director of Sales.

Chris will be taking on all sales related activities and in doing so will ensure the growth of Payze. “I’m very happy and excited to become an integral part of the Payze team. Considering my own extensive background in the industry and experience with billing, this feels like a natural engagement for me,” said Chris.

‘Evil Chris,’ is a veteran of the online industry. For many years, Chris managed affiliate programs, departing when those programs were sold. Chris then took on several high-profile contracts before eventually landing his current position as managing veteran.

Payze, the brainchild of Joel Paulin and Hank Freeman, is rapidly moving forward with plans to reform the online business of e-commerce. Just last month, Douglas Wicks bought into the company teaming with Joel once again to launch the next great processing solution. “Adding a connected industry veteran like Chris allows us to accelerate our sales, continue to expand our referral base, and manage our growing client list,” said Doug. “We believe it Payze to be prepared, and adding Chris now allows us to continue to rapidly expand without compromising our personalized approach.”

Payze was designed by industry leaders to offer better reporting, throughput, accounting, and transparency at fair, competitive rates. It is best described as a combination of unique software, industry veterans, and risk/throughput analysts that bring direct merchant accounts and monetization strategies to life via trusted banking solutions. In its initial launch, Payze can be utilized by clients who need direct merchant accounts, gateway services, consulting services, and those on Too Much Media’s NATS platform looking to manage their own direct merchant account(s) more effectively.

“We think of Payze as a full PSP solution for direct merchant accounts,” said founder Joel Paulin. “We are designing software and expanding payment and banking options in an efficient and flexible ecosystem that will allow clients to go from idea to affiliate to PSP client to direct merchant account – all within one platform. We are excited about the addition of Chris to the team as he brings another trusted, thoughtful, and honest voice to the group.”

Look for the Doctor, “Evil” Chris, and Joel at upcoming shows throughout the EU and follow us on Twitter (@itPayze) to stay appraised of where the team will be daily.

For sales or product information, contact chris@Payze.com.

Douglas Wicks, Ph. D. Buys Into Payze

Morganville, New Jersey • Friday, August 1, 2013

Douglas Wicks, former VP of Sales at CCBill, acquires an equity stake in payment solutions company Payze.com.

Dr. Wicks will join the Payze Board and immediately assume the role of CEO. Payze was founded by industry veterans that have led the way in trusted payment systems since the late 1990s. In 2009, Joel Paulin, former CFO and COO of CCBill, LLC, and Hank Freeman joined forces to help colleagues and friends take control of their credit card processing and merchant accounts. Shortly thereafter, they launched the Payze suite of software to a handful of private clients as they continued to expand the offering, solutions and alliances. “When I saw the opportunity to create a modern processing venture and work with Joel again, I jumped on it. With Hank’s experience, reputation and client perspective as well, I couldn’t be more excited to represent the entire Payze team,” said Dr. Wicks. “We’re building a better solution to help our clients reach their greatest potential…this will truly be a one-stop shop.” Based in Morganville, NJ, the company has unique partnerships and relationships in the banking and software industry that have been merged to create seamless, flexible, and custom processing solutions. Payze currently offers individual direct merchant accounts and recommends combining your merchant account with the Payze suite of software solutions, which gives clients the unparalleled ability to maximize their throughput, control their branding, manage their support and expand their business – all at rates that beat out competitors.

“Each Payze team member has over 13 years of experience in online and e-commerce processing and brings diverse experience and industry trust into this modern platform. “After seeing the solutions, team and vision for Payze, I was excited to bring my experience to the company.”

Dr. Wicks holds a Ph. D. degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas and has been working in the mainstream online arena for the past 2 years. With his extensive processing background and industry knowledge, investing in the next great solution was the logical step to take.

Dr. Wicks can be contacted at doug@Payze.com or 1-855-IT-Payze (487-2993).

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